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By: Julia Ioffe

Hello! You may remember me from such magazines as GQ, the Atlantic, and The New Yorker, from your television screen, or Twitter, where I make gloomy predictions that, unfortunately, often come to pass. Ever since I moved to Washington after a stint in Moscow in 2012, I've been wanting to cover this city as a foreign correspondent—or an anthropologist. Nearly a decade later, I still find it to be a deeply strange place full of deeply strange people, and I want to tell you all about them and their bizarre rituals. I'm currently working with an amazing team to launch a very exciting new media company. It's a secret for now but in the meantime, I'll be writing a nifty, biweekly email about this capital of ours. Think of me as your Jane Goodall, but with more bite. And jokes. And, of course, Russia content. Because as they say, in Soviet Russia, beat follows you.

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